About Us

What Is Cryptos.ch About?

Cryptos.ch is your typical blog. Needless to say, it’s one of the most interesting websites you will find in the internet.

But why? Because the information you will find in here is quite varied. I mean, it’s quite interesting and diversified. Although most of the topics are mainly focused on technology, gadgets and the like, I like to write about other topics, but of course, always from a tech-perspective.

Cryptos.ch is not a blog which tries to please everyone and their mother, of course not. It’s place where I write the things I like, and that happens to be great for other people as well.

I want to make of this website a place where you can come, read something interesting and learn something new. That’s the goal of Cryptos.ch, to become a great source of knowledge, and of course, an entertaining place as well.

The unique way to mark a difference, is of course, to be different than the rest. To offer something NEW. That’s it.

That’s what this website offers you: Something fresh and new. If you like what I propose to you, then you are more than welcome to stay here and enjoy what I write. Because, I’m sure, you will enjoy everything (at least I hope so 🙂 ).

The Mission Is Clear:

“A project without a clear mission and objective is a project destined to fail”

It’s like throwing punches in the darkness. If you don’t have a mission and objective, then why even bother? No air will be favorable to you if you don’t know where to navigate.

The mission of Cryptos.ch is quite clear:

  1. Offer you a new source of information
  2. Offer you interesting articles that you actually want to read
  3. Position this blog as a good alternative to bigger media outlets
  4. Generate participation from the public
  5. Grow as a brand, and eventually, enjoy of great success and popularity

That’s it. These 5 points clearly define the objectives of this website.

I hope you like the content in this website, and I hope you can follow us 🙂 You are the most important element at the end of the day!